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Blinking cursors

Posted in Uncategorized by gkhiangte on June 24, 2012

Blinking cursors waiting for me to type

Words that do not make sense to me

These words of mine don’t flow out right

Honestly, times have been strange

Blinking cursors please wait for a while

For I’ve got no rhyme nor diction nor style

It’s been awhile since I put them down

Words to be read, words to be frowned

Don’t you notice I can’t even rhyme?

Blinking cursors, I see you’re having fun

Torturing me while I moan and whine

Looks like I’ll be sitting here till the crack of dawn

I long for the day when you would stop

Harassing me with your persistent wink

Blinking cursors, waiting for me to type…


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  1. adil said, on June 26, 2012 at 10:40 am


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