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lalg’s Random Accelerated Memory

Posted in Uncategorized by gkhiangte on November 14, 2007
 Coconut shelled life
 Once it cracks, its wide open
 It breaks into tiny pieces
 Super glue ain’t sticky enough to 
 put it back together
  If love grows on trees, I would 
  pluck all the ripe ones!
  Why can’t people drop it like its 
  burned out matchstick!
 Talk is cheap; writing helps!
 Different is not necessarily good;
     When you are me!
  I would cut my hair;
  If I didn’t have to hide my face.
   Give peace a chance
   Give peace a bloody chance.
  My teenage aggression starts 
when I’m 21! Go figure!
  My silent cry is louder than the
  bomb blast in Iraq.
   I didn’t play the bad guy yet I
   got the award for it.
    Pages unturned, pages marked
   Pages unread, pages torn
  Pages missed, pages flipped
  Would you read me if I was a book?

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