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wat bush?

Posted in Uncategorized by gkhiangte on November 8, 2007

god! where do i start? how do i start?

let me lay it down straight and simple.

our semester exam’s going to start on the 2oth of this month.

this month!!

i havent studied anything! i havnt read anything!

i don’t even know wat we are studying!

the teachers are too abstract to my liking

well i can always beat around the bush..

but in this case there is no bush to beat around..

dilemma on the highest tide; closing in on me like the lunar eclipse

this exam only make me stress out but none the wiser

i  will save u the poetic rhyme- 

bottomline i hate exams!!!

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  1. Dii said, on November 15, 2007 at 6:22 am

    Good Luck to ALL of us!!!!

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