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lighter pathum cheng sawm!

Posted in Uncategorized by gkhiangte on November 29, 2007

These four words, why do I remember? If u ask me? I have no problem in telling you. If you have time, I can give you a tour. Here we are at the heart of the town, Aizawl Bara Bazar. The first thing you notice is the essence of the market. Street bustling with people busy with their last minute shopping for the holidays, asking for bargains, kids pulling at their mothers’ skirts begging to buy the latest bey blades, mothers busy picking out clothes from the pile of second hand collection,  fathers trying out shoes that look comfortable to wear, well, you get the picture. Now if you look over to your left you will see a blind man with a microphone singing his heart out in one corner with few coins in a lid of a shoe box. As you keep on walking down the steps in Zion street, you will see a line of small shops with all kinds of things they are selling. The only thing they are not selling is the fountain of youth, wait, I think my friend just bought one. Pun intended. Anyway you continue your journey down the rugged steps and you push and pull through the crowd that seems to appear suddenly as you walk. Phew! You made it! Take a breath. Now listen. What do you hear?  Don’t you hear the street urchins shouting “lighter, lighter get three for ten, medicine to cure your smelly feet?” Now that’s what I call straight advertising! You want to ask “How much for that med?” “Darn why did that boy miss out the price?” A little element of surprise, maybe?  You can’t help but smile and then you start contemplating, “It is a good deal though”. Maybe you’ll buy it, maybe you won’t. The fact is that they grab your attention with their box of goodies that they carry. You want to take a closer look at what other “magical cures” they’ve got. The only thing that’s stopping you is the incredulous stares from all the other people walking by. Well maybe you can come again another time when you have the guts to ask for those three lighters and then some.

I find the young boys selling their goodies as vital members that make up the market scene. It makes me nostalgic every time I remember my market days in Aizawl. I am going there this Christmas. Maybe I’ll hear those cries again, and if I do, I’m going to make sure I smile… with a sense of sweetened satisfaction just because I am hearing them again.



Posted in Uncategorized by gkhiangte on November 14, 2007

Life is not always peachy, I know
Life can suck so bad, you want to give it up, even when you have nothing.
Life can mean nothing to you, yet it means everything to someone who cares.
I have wandered around for a long time complaining and regretting everything about my life
I’ve failed to see all the good things.
I’ve failed to appreciate the beauty of life, pain and anguish.
I’ve failed to see the silver lining.
Better yet, I’ve failed to see ‘my life’

This life is so precious; I’ve wasted millions of hours in putting myself down.
I am now a better person
I am more confident
I will make it through the storm
Why not? I’ve got my raincoat and a torch! : )

lalg’s Random Accelerated Memory

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 Coconut shelled life
 Once it cracks, its wide open
 It breaks into tiny pieces
 Super glue ain’t sticky enough to 
 put it back together
  If love grows on trees, I would 
  pluck all the ripe ones!
  Why can’t people drop it like its 
  burned out matchstick!
 Talk is cheap; writing helps!
 Different is not necessarily good;
     When you are me!
  I would cut my hair;
  If I didn’t have to hide my face.
   Give peace a chance
   Give peace a bloody chance.
  My teenage aggression starts 
when I’m 21! Go figure!
  My silent cry is louder than the
  bomb blast in Iraq.
   I didn’t play the bad guy yet I
   got the award for it.
    Pages unturned, pages marked
   Pages unread, pages torn
  Pages missed, pages flipped
  Would you read me if I was a book?


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 Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit too  hollow.
  I feel like there’s nothing in my heart, my cold bleedin’ heart.
  My views on a lot of things may have upset a lot of people in my circle
 but I don’t give a crap cos’ it’s  what I feel.
  I’ve been taking a lot of shit from people and I just cannot take it anymore.
 Enough is enough, as if I can’t live without them? They just don’t get it. People!
 I don’t understand if someone likes somebody, why can’t they  just say it out loud?
  I don’t buy it. It’s too selfish not to let people know what you feel.
  One day it’ll be illegal or something.
   So much for “freedom of expression”, “express all you want, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody”.
   Yeah right! What’s that suppose to mean?
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license to fart

Posted in Uncategorized by gkhiangte on November 8, 2007

kan hostel chu kan pui hlawm lutuk a..

sawi vak poh ngai lo, in hre vek toh tho..

mahse kan sawi leh loks…

kan wing mates, sakeii leh savawmi, (an hming dik tak chu sawi an phal lo)

anni hi an si-trik top a, an rooma luhte hian, tuite, suparite leh thil dang dang eiin emaw in dawnin,

license neih phot a ngai tih in lo hre ve don nia..

the best part is you need a “license to fart”

i repeat ‘never ever go there without your license’

they’ll do something to you. i’m not saying what, but something!

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wat bush?

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god! where do i start? how do i start?

let me lay it down straight and simple.

our semester exam’s going to start on the 2oth of this month.

this month!!

i havent studied anything! i havnt read anything!

i don’t even know wat we are studying!

the teachers are too abstract to my liking

well i can always beat around the bush..

but in this case there is no bush to beat around..

dilemma on the highest tide; closing in on me like the lunar eclipse

this exam only make me stress out but none the wiser

i  will save u the poetic rhyme- 

bottomline i hate exams!!!

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