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J helps!

Posted in Uncategorized by gkhiangte on October 29, 2007

If Jesus was here, he would teach me the ways

He would help me walk on water

He would help me climb the highest mountain

He would help me on a strict no eating diet for 40 days and 40 nights

He would help me on the art of telling a good story

He would help me on my church attendance problem

He would help me on my cussing problem

He would help me to forgive and forget

He would work  on my anger management problem

He would convince me to speak the truth no matter what the consequences!

He would teach me to wake people up everytime they die..great isn’t it?



Posted in Uncategorized by gkhiangte on October 29, 2007

I need a life on my own terms; not one dictated by rules

If i need help, I’d go and buy the ‘self help book’;

you get everything capitalised on these days, don’t ya?

Why do I have to try so hard to make people like me or accept me for who I am?

Why do I have to pretend?

Why does it always have to be sugar-coated-candy-floss-superficial -layered talks?

wake me up

Posted in Uncategorized by gkhiangte on October 16, 2007

when i got up this morning

i sat up and stopped for a second on my bed

the sheets were  wrinkled

the bed unmade

sweat beads on my forehead

traces of tears on my left cheek

i got out of bed and locked myself inside the bathroom

then i saw a face infront of me staring right back at me

she smiled and mouthed the words “you’re going to pay”

shocked as i was, i stood there trembling with fear

lost with a sense of weightlessness

i forgot to breathe

brown paper bags don’t do their tricks any more

as much as i wanted to get out, i could’nt

they gagged me up with their tentacles; no use in screaming, no one can hear me, no one will.

i closed my eyes, i never want to see again.

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this doesn’t have a title!

Posted in Uncategorized by gkhiangte on October 16, 2007

did you ever think that your life was a failure waiting to happpen?

i did. i always thought i was not good enough to be here on earth. i still do.

i wished that i was not born. it would have made life easier. but then again, it would’nt be life, would it be?

another bus would come after the last one leaves..

but what about my life?

is there any other rendition to my poor life?

is there a plot twist for me?

does my luck change in the end?

do i get to become the hero?

am i just a cheap imitation of the original?

all these and more i will always wonder

till time stands still and i get buried six feet under!

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middle aged men

Posted in Uncategorized by gkhiangte on October 3, 2007

middle-aged-married-sex-craved- men!

have you looked at your conscience in the mirror lately?

you walk in to a party with girls half your age without the slightest intention of remembering your wife back home

you fulfill your dreams with regular one night stands and you take full responsibility for “the guaranteed satisfaction”

well, hey, its time you wake up and smell the stark reality instead of wet pussies and cheap wine

how will you feel if you get slapped with STD’s?

don’t you see? there’s a price to pay for every stupid deed.

 what would you say to your children who’ve all grown up?

they have waited all their lives for you to give up the obvious

here in lies the decision you have to make

are you willing to throw away your entire future?

or are you man enough to start one?

we all

Posted in Uncategorized by gkhiangte on October 3, 2007

we all wear suits that don’t fit us

we all want life we can’t maintain

we all need friends with benefits

we all practise Oscar speeches even though we don’t act

we all say “sorry” out of habit

we all want truth we can’t handle

we all sing songs we don’t like

we all have unpublished journals

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