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lights, camera, action

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 assignments/deadlines/storyboards/shot sizes/watch tv

camera angles/zoom/pan/tilt/focus/watch tv

scripts/one liner/screenplay/budget/idea/visualization

storytelling/location/sets/props/lights/mic boom


dates/reschedule/cut/retakes/take one/take 67

that’s a wrap!!


letter to father john

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 our dear head of department,           

i just want to take the time out to express my gratitude

i want to thank you for taking our classes

and having the patience to control your anger when we incessantly show up late

thank you for letting us handle the cameras in the studio knowing that we would spoil one or the other……. come to think of it the spot light blew up during our production….and im not naming names

thank you for all the dept’s bashes that you’ve arranged

thanks for the music too! grt dj’s

you’re the coolest father/HOD that we’ve ever had

you’re the most encouraging, well spoken, intelligent, funny old man

i remember going through your colllection of old record albums…abba, the beatles, top of the pops…..etc.. and dancing to the tunes of your old gramaphone!

ah! those were the days!

i also remember what a little terror i must have been for teasing you about you not being able to eat the rich sweet ladoos even though i knew you had diabetes..

i want to apologize for all my mistakes and shortcomings

i was so shocked as evryone else when you did’nt come back

we did’nt know what was wrong?

we thought this time we had really made you angry

we said “we would do anything if only you’d come back”

we said “we would behave”

 we questioned, we argued, we discussed, we proposed, we lost.

you did’nt come back…for good reasons we hope

for all that has happened, i don’t feel sad that we’ve parted ways

i feel very blessed and honoured to have met you and be a part of your class

i have no regrets in attending your classes… wish all our classes are like yours

i want to thank you Father John for being an inspiration to all of us at mcvp shillong

i want to thank you for being “you”

hope you are keeping well with your health…


thumal phuah khawm siak!

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“for the lack of a matching picture”      open to contributions:                                                                                

(highly intentionally funny/no one’s going to eat you if you laugh)

 thumal tin hmaah letter inang zelin sentence han siam teh:

jessie’n jordani a jakjeh

jordani jacketah jara a jung

mahruaia’n mapuii a mm

k-taia leh kimkimi koti-ah an kaih

zara’n zorami a zilh zeuh zeuh

mimi’in mahruaii a marenga

thanpuia’n tlinga a tiranga

o my! me

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my only love becomes my only hate

my so called life becomes a big disgrace

amidst all the elements life has to offer

my pain and anger take the biggest space

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straight up!!

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creampies and cappucino                      “drained out”

cigarettes and milkybar

ashes and dashes of colour

everybody smokes at their own risks

i’ll take my own with a cup of tea

pass me the bill, i’ll pay for it later….

give me a line that no one crosses,

i’ll draw you one that you can’t miss!

open up a little for me to be

i’ll breathe till the time i stop

don’t preach when you can’t follow

come sit with me and i’ll share you a fag

chillax! i’m not here to pretend

i’m only here to be who i am

and who i am is “only me”